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Frequently Asked Questions

How will my child's tutor be selected?
We will look at Evergreen Public Schools' district teachers who are currently teaching the same grade level and subjects and what you believe are your child's needs. Then, the coordinator will work with the schedules to match your child with a tutor.

What should my child bring to each tutoring session?
Students should bring paper and pencil as well as any textbook or materials they are using in school related to the tutoring subject. Students may also bring school homework assignments that are related to the tutoring subject.

How will the tutor know what to work on with my child?
When we receive your ETC application, we will request information from your child's teacher to assist the tutor in designing a personalized tutoring plan for your child. We will also look at your child's report card and test scores. In addition, the tutoring coordinator will contact you to find out what you believe are your child's needs.

Will the tutor assign additional homework?
Tutors will be able to help your child with their homework, but additional homework usually will not be assigned during the school year.

ETC Confirmation and Policies
Thank you for scheduling a tutor for your child through the Evergreen Tutoring Center. Please read the following items to help you understand our expectations and your responsibilities. Please keep this confirmation for future reference.

Attendance and Cancellation Policy
Students are expected to attend all scheduled sessions. To cancel a tutoring appointment, notify the Community Education office as soon as possible. The session will be rescheduled if there is adequate time to inform the tutor prior to arriving for the session.      A $5.00 rescheduling fee will be charged. 

TO CANCEL: call 360-604-4082 between 8:30am and 4:30pm, Monday through Friday (office closed 11-12, for lunch). 
**Parents are to remain on site during the tutoring session, as tutors are unable to transport students in case of emergencies.

Parents are responsible for making sure students arrive on time. Parents are expected to stay in the lobby area during the session. If a student is more than 10 minutes late, the session may be forfeited. 

What curriculum will be used?
Tutors will be using curriculum that is aligned with curriculum used in your child's classroom to reinforce what is being taught during the school day.

How do I know if I meet or exceed low income guidelines?
If you are currently receiving public assistance and/or your child is receiving free or reduced meals at school, you will qualify for the reduced fees.

How will I know how my child is doing and communication?
Your child's tutor will complete a daily progress report and give it to you each session. It will include a list of assignments completed and result, skills worked on, strengths, homework assignments (if applicable) and comments.

How is ETC funded?
ETC received initial start up funding from Evergreen Public Schools for supplies. Tutors and the tutoring coordinator are paid for with the fees paid by the parents who utilize this service. The fee structure has been designed with the intent that the ETC will be self-supporting.

Parents should put any questions or concerns in writing and leave them at the Community Education office. The tutoring coordinator will call you before your child's next session to discuss specific concerns.

Adding Tutoring Dates
If you would like to continue tutoring without interruption, please do the following:
1. Contact the tutoring coordinator at 360-604-4082 to add tutoring dates.
2. Make sure full payment for the added sessions is received in the Community Education office prior to your child's last session.

In order to encourage acceptable student behavior, we require parents to stay in the lobby area the entire session. If behavior problems, e.g., defiance, disruptiveness, general non cooperation occur, the parent will be asked to remove the student from the session. No refund or fees or makeup will be granted if a student is asked to leave by the tutor.

Summer Tutoring
If your child is participating in summer tutoring and a change in schedule or cancellation is needed, please notify the Community Education office at 360-604-4082. 


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