Jr. Chefs Bring Hot Competition to the Kitchen
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Jr. Chefs Bring Hot Competition to the Kitchen

The Evergreen High School kitchen was transformed into a set worthy of an Iron Chef competition, and the nine elementary students lining the prep tables looked as serious as any professional chef. Welcome to the first Jr. Chef Challenge sponsored by the district’s food service provider, Chartwells.

The student chefs had submitted recipes they had created or adapted, with the idea they would be appetizing and appealing enough to garner a spot on the school lunch menu.  With one hour to prove their cooking talents to a group of judges, the students chopped, diced, blended and sautéed with assists from Chartwells food service employees. 

The final entrees were plated, then it was up to the judges to decide which of the recipes-Grilled Chicken Burrito with Mango Salsa, Fritos Salad, Turkey Taco Wrap, Half Pipe Noodles, Crunchy California Sushi Bowl, Oven Puffed Pancakes with Berry Compote, Teriyaki Chicken Tacos, Super Kids Burrito Bowl and The Brian Special-would be featured at elementary schools across the district in March.  After telling the students any of the recipes would be worthy of a starring role at lunchrooms throughout the district, the judges chose Silver Star Elementary fourth grader Hayden’s recipe named after her father, The Brian Special, as the featured recipe.

Copies of all the award-worthy recipes are here, but you may need an assist from a Jr. Chef for exact replication.


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