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The most extraordinary period of growth and development in a child’s life occurs during the early childhood years and lays the important foundation for learning.

Evergreen Public Schools is committed to partnering with parents and early educators to ensure all future Evergreen students come to school healthy, curious and full of enriching experiences that will help them begin their formal education already well on their way to becoming engaged, life-long learners.

“The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out– Bill Gates Sr.




Child Development
& School Readiness
Early Learning


For more information, please contact:

Gaelynn Mills

Early Learning Coordinator



Children gather the building blocks for school readiness long before they enter school. From birth, children need to be read and talked to, cuddled and hugged. They need places to run, jump, pretend and use their creativity.

For many children, high-quality childcare helps make sure they get the academic, physical, social and emotional development they’ll need to learn and succeed in school.



Click on the Childcare Aware logo to find available licensed childcare in Southwest Washington.





You can find family and center-based childcare businesses listed among Evergreen Early Learning Partners who have been recognized for their commitment to professional growth and collaboration with schools to help prepare our youngest learners for school and life-long learning.

Is This the Right Place for My Child?”  38 Research-Based Indicators of Quality Child Care





Children who experience high-quality preschool education that includes a whole-child program that addresses physical, social and emotional development as well as foundational academics, are not only more likely to have a positive and healthier start to school, but also more likely to do well in school, to graduate from high school and even go to college.

Preschool Opportunities in Evergreen Public Schools English | Spanish | Russian

You can find preschools listed among Evergreen Early Learning Partners who have been recognized for their commitment to professional growth and collaboration with schools to help prepare our youngest learners for school and life-long learning.




The transition into school represents an important milestone in a child’s life. When children and families experience a positive transition to school, children are more likely to be involved and succeed in school.


Characteristics of Children Entering Kindergarten


Kindergarten Registration



A Parent’s Guide to Successful Kindergarten Transition


Washington Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (WaKIDS)

WaKIDS is a transition process that helps to ensure a successful start to the K-12 experience and connect the key adults in a child’s life. For additional information about this program, please download the WaKIDS brochure.



Child Development & School Readiness

Evergreen Public Schools understands the importance of high-quality early learning experiences and that every child and family has unique gifts and abilities that are to be celebrated and nurtured. We hope you will find these resources helpful in supporting families as their child’s first, most important and life-long teachers.


Free child development screenings for children ages birth-5 years of age  English | Spanish | Russian


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Early Learning LinkLove Talk Play Link




Early Learning Partnerships

Evergreen Public Schools is committed to fostering a community of early learning professionals by building collaborative partnerships between the school district and community early learning providers to learn how together we can best prepare children and their families for success in school and in life.


Evergreen Early Learning Professional Development -  Please join our dedicated community of early learning professionals to collaboratively learn and discuss early childhood, school readiness and how we can prepare children for success in school --and beyond!


Evergreen Public Schools would like to recognize the following early learning professionals as 2017 EVERGREEN EARLY LEARNING PARTNERS.

This recognition is awarded to early learning childcare and education professionals who regularly participate in our Evergreen Early Learning Professional Development classes and collaborate with Evergreen Public Schools in helping our youngest learners prepare for and transition into Kindergarten.

For more information about Evergreen's Early Learning Professional Development or Partnership program, please contact Gaelynn Mills, 360-604-4004.

Becca's Daycare
Rebecca Kemper, 360-576-0971

Children's Village - Orchards

Circle of Friends Preschool


City Christian School and Child Care

Cornerstone Christian Early Education

Deanna's Daycare
Deanna Sutton, 360-604-0116

Debbie's 24 Hour Daycare & Preschool
Debbie Hayford, 360.694.8294

Educational Opportunities for Children and Families

Kathy's Kids
Kathy Lee, 360-521-2100

KIDSPACE Child Enrichment Center

Learning Avenues Child Care Centers


Little Acorn Preschool and Kindergarten

Little Lights Learning Center

Noah's Ark Preschool
Michele Phillips, Director

Parkside Christian Daycare Center
Robin Steele, 360-834-4002

Pauline's Day Care & Preschool
Pauline Elder

Phyllis Burton Daycare

Salmon Creek Christian Preschool & Daycare

Small Wonders Daycare, Inc.

St. Andrew Christian Preschool & Kindergarten
Beth Femling, Director

SW Washington Child Care Consortium

Tawney's Tots
Helene Padget

Tina's Tendercare
Tina Hanset, 360-787-6239

Wee Care Day Care & Preschool - 28th Street
Rebecca Westmoreland

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