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Designing engaging, compelling student learning experiences requires resources aligned to district, state, and national frameworks and standards.

As we continue our work to address the needs of Evergreen students, we want to ensure that educators have effective and vetted tools available for use across the grade levels and content areas. With personalization in mind, a range of curricular resources are provided to address need, interest, voice, and choice. This allows teachers to build meanigful learning that engages students in exploration, inquiry, and creativity, while maintaining clear alignment across the system to support equity of experience for students.


Core curricular resources are intended for use in all classrooms in the district to ensure coherence and decrease variance in student learning experiences across the system.

K-8 Science

STEMscopes - Digital

Available in English and Spanish

Curriculum UPDATES

STEMscopes K-12 creates a student-centric blended STEM learning environment where teachers are able to teach, intervene, and accelerate their diverse students. Combining digital resources, supplemental print, and hands-on kits, STEMscopes K-12 adapts to a teaching style while increasing engagement, rigor, and student achievement. With a vast research backbone, extensive and continuous teacher input, and a 24/7 professional development portal, STEMscopes K-12 sets itself apart from other publishers—it is truly a product made by teachers, for teachers.

  • Student-facing K-12 NGSS curriculum with frequent updates.
  • Students can complete assignments electronically or using printed materials.
  • Provides a range of activities, readings, videos, and assessments (physical and virtual) to personalize.
  • Content is broken into small enough scopes (mini-units) to allow for more integration with literacy and social studies.

K-8 Writing

Calkins Units of Study for Writing - Set of 4 Unit Books, Writing Pathways, Guide to the Writing Workshop, and If/Then...Curriculum

Built on the best practices and proven frameworks developed over decades of work in thousands of classrooms across the country and around the world, the Units of Study for Teaching Writing, K–8, offer grade-by-grade plans for teaching state-of-the-art writing workshops that help students meet and exceed rigorous global standards.

  • Aligns with the EPS Comprehensive Framework for literacy
  • Vertical articulation and common language
  • Integration of content areas
  • Reciprocity of reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Opportunity for close reading and rigorous performance tasks
  • Workshop structure and PD support for this framework in A Guidebook to the Common Core Writing Workshop*
  • Learning progressions and assessment tools in Writing Pathways*
  • Differentiated support in the If/Then...Curriculum*

*These resources are included within the Units of Study

K-5 Math

EPS Math powered by LearnZillion- Digital

Available in English and coming soon in Spanish

Developed using open educational resources, and powered by LearnZillion, EPS Math is a dynamic, student-centered resource designed to fit Evergreen's philosophy of teaching and learning. Aligned to the Evergreen Math Scope & Sequence and written to develop cohesive units within a workshop structure, the resource provides a range of materials at yearlong, unit and day-by-day level.

  • Student-facing format supports intervention and differentiation with adaptive high-rigor, high-interest tasks.
  • Common language, models, and constructive framework for students.
  • Supports personalization of math in the workshop.
  • Includes on-demand teacher notes for designing learning experiences with embedded PD on related concepts and strategies.
  • Aligned with middle school transition.
  • Materials kits support students and teachers with resources for hands-on learning.

6-8 Math

Illustrative Math - Digital

Available in English

With Open Up Resources Middle School Math, a new problem-based math curriculum and open educational resource authored by Illustrative Mathematics, we’ve taken the "I do, we do, you do" out of learning mathematics to make math more relevant and easier for students to personalize and understand.

  • Digital content is flexible and portable while supporting the one-to-one structure
  • Curriculum is student-facing and supports our design for learning
  • Adaptive resource ensures curriculum can be adjusted to meet the needs of all students
  • Instructional foundation is 5 Practices for Promoting Productive Mathematical Discussions
  • Discourse - Number Talk is a core instructional practice aligned with communication and collaboration
  • Constructivist and student-centered in nature, promotes critical thinking
  • Teachers are facilitators of student learning
  • Consistent opportunities to learn, and strong support that enables students to be mathematically successful
  • Classroom kits with necessary resources will be provided for each teacher

HS Social Studies (10th World History, 11th US History, 12th CWI)

ABC-Clio Solutions - Digital

ABC-CLIO Solutions, which includes comprehensive digital textbooks and extended research libraries, provides digital resources that support students in the development and communication of informed positions on complex topics. ABC-CLIO Solutions fosters 21st-century skills, independent critical thinking, and the exploration and understanding of key historical and contemporary issues.

  • The ABC-Clio Solutions databases, combined with some district-provided supplemental resources (e.g. Active Classroom, DBQ Project Online) and quality open educational resources (e.g. Inquiry Design Model, The Stanford History education Group) will provide teachers a firm foundation from which to implement an inquiry-based approach.
  • ABC-Clio offers an extensive, vetted research library as well as a digital textbook that will facilitate both inquiry and the development of background knowledge needed to engage in inquiry.
  • An inquiry-based approach that guides students through answering questions with multiple reasonable answers that they can articulate through evidence-based arguments allows teachers to personalized the student experience with targeted support as well as choice.

8-12 Spanish 1-3

Descubre - Hybrid print/digital text and other online resources

  • Supports the EPS philosophy for instruction and aligns with the Essentials of Personalized Learning.
  • Robust online resources in the Supersite.
  • Flexible implementation.

8-12 French 1-3

Bien Dit! - Hybrid print/digital text and other online resources

  • The last adoption for French 1, 2, and 3 resources was in 2004. Since then, the district has moved toward a focus on language proficiency (using the target language in authentic situations in the various modalities) versus performance (as on a test).
  • Robust online resources.
  • Flexible implementation.

HS AP French 4

Themes - Hybrid print/digital text

  • Robust online resources in the Supersite.
  • Flexible implementation.
  • The last adoption for AP French/French 4 resources was in 2009. Since then, the College Board has adjusted expectations for the course.

HS AP Human Geography

Human Geography: AP Edition - Hybrid print/digital text

  • This resource was deemed to be the most engaging and readable of those reviewed (especially important for an AP course targeted to 9th graders), and the best organized.
  • Flexible implementation.


In addition to resources supporting core instruction, the following supplemental resources will be available for the 2017-18 school year.

K-8 Math

Available in English and Spanish

Dreambox Learning Math - an adaptive, online K-8 math program designed to complement classroom instruction.

K-12 ELA

Lightsail - Digital library providing popular titles for readers along with adaptive literacy assessments to embed engagement, motivation, assessment and student growth data into a reading experience.

K-12 ELA/Social Studies

Available in English and Spanish

NewselaPro is an Instructional Content Platform that supercharges reading engagement and learning in every subject. Current news and articles available in a range of reading levels and topics, tied to assessment.


Scholastic Book Flix online literacy resource that pairs classic video storybooks from Weston Woods with related nonfiction eBooks from Scholastic to build a love of reading and learning

2-6 Social Studies/Science

Scholastic True Flix is a highly-engaging multimedia resource offering dozens of units to supplement social studies and science core curricula learning.

3-5 Social Studies

Scholastic Freedom Flix provides a wealth of learning opportunities with nearly 70 social studies units spanning ten core curricula areas. Each unit includes an introductory video, a dynamic ebook, related articles, primary sources, and vetted weblinks that expose students to a range of text types and media on the same subjects.

4-8 Science

Scholastic Science Flix provides students with a better understanding of science concepts and ideas through hands-on projects, videos, multiple text types, and more.

K-8 Social-Emotional Learning

K-2 - Mindfulness

K-8 -Second Step: is instrumental in strengthening the social-emotional skills of kids around the world and helping them reach their full potential.

9-12 Social-Emotional Learning

Character Strong Leadership Curriculum - focuses on servant-leadership and character development.

9-12 Math

Available in English

IXL is an immersive K-12 learning experience that provides comprehensive, standards-aligned content for math. (accounts as requested by each building)

9-12 Social Studies

Active Classroom - An online collection of educational content promotes inquiry-based learning. Active Classroom provides a wide variety of content choices, the power to differentiate for readiness levels and learning modes, and flexibility in tailoring and managing assignments.

9-12 Social Studies

DBQ Project Online - DBQ Online gives teachers and students tools to read and annotate documents, take notes, organize evidence, and write papers in an online environment.DBQ Project lessons help students understand the process of close analysis, interrogation of documents, and argument writing through an inquiry question supported by carefully selected documents.


K-5 Literacy


K-5 Mathematics


6-8 Literacy

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