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E  X  C  E  L     |     H  I  G  H  L  Y    C  A  P  A  B  L  E    P  R  O  G  R  A  M

The EXCEL Highly Capable Program in Evergreen Public Schools (EPS) is designed as a comprehensive K-12 system to support the needs and interests of students identified as highly capable, or talented and gifted.

Programming is based on the instructional and environmental elements of the EPS Essentials of Personalized Learning, which incorporate 21st Century Skills and the NAGC standards for teaching and learning. Instructional strategies and curricular modifications are provided in a range of structures for learners in all grade bands, including Part Time supplemental programming, Full Time self contained classrooms, cluster grouping, and accelerated advanced placement coursework. Project and problem-based learning challenges students to address authentic tasks with opportunities to apply knowledge and skills connected to each student’s interests, needs, and abilities.



Students qualifying for highly capable program services have opportunities for a variety of personalized learning experiences from kindergarten through grade 12. Students participating in EXCEL are regularly monitored for growth using a variety of assessment strategies, and programming is adjusted according to needs. 

Identified students will be clustered in groups of at least ten in a class. The proficiency range of students within clusters will be narrowed so that instruction can be maximized to meet students’ accelerated needs.



K-5th Grade | EXCEL Explorations Cluster grouping is an effective option for students interested in attending their neighborhood school and not participating in other program options. Cluster teachers are trained to deliver programming for highly capable students. Cluster sizes will vary based on enrollment in the neighborhood school.

2nd-5th Grade  |  EXCEL Explorations Part Time programming allows students to remain in their neighborhood school while participating one day per week in an accelerated programming school.

3rd-5th Grade  |  EXCEL Explorations Full Time programs operate currently in two elementary schools offering self-contained accelerated classrooms at each grade level. Students experience deeper learning around standards and have opportunities to advance at an appropriate pace in academic and social-emotional learning. Students qualifying for EXCEL Full Time will currently be placed in middle school courses according to the District Placement Guidelines.



6th-8th Grade | EXCEL Bridges Cluster grouping is designed to meet the special learning needs of students qualifying for Highly Capable services. Students are placed in courses according to their strengths and needs in both academic and social-emotional learning, following the District Placement Guidelines. Cluster teachers are trained to design experiences for highly capable students. Cluster sizes will vary based on enrollment in the neighborhood school.


9th-12th Grade | Honors and Advanced Placement coursework at all comprehensive high schools provides personalized pathways for students to pursue interests, continuing to deepen and accelerate their learning as fits their needs best.


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