P  R  O  F  E  S  S  I  O  N  A  L     D  E  V  E  L  O  P  M  E  N  T

We believe that all teachers should have access to engaging and relevant professional development.

Continuing our work in the critical areas of personalized learning and equity, professional learning is built around parallel structures to help facilitate consistency and alignment, while providing personalization of experience for adults in the district. Intensive work is ongoing in the areas of project-based learning, instructional planning, sheltered instruction, educational technology, and content-specific pedagogy, all built upon a common foundation of learning design in the workshop. Additional learning opportunities are available throughout the year to support teachers in planning with, and use of, new curricular resources being made available district-wide.



Professional Development Residencies

Residency experiences are designed specifically to support a school’s journey into Personalized Learning; learning that matters for staff and for kids! Residencies provide a truly embedded learning experience for staff, by establishing a year-long structure for side-by-side planning, coaching and modeling with an expert in the field of learning design. Residency schools also serve as learning labs for teachers, coaches and administrators from other schools who are on their own path toward personalization, giving first-hand examples of strategies and structures to apply in their own school. All residency experiences are designed to take a building where they are, and move them forward to meet their specific community’s needs. Built around strategic application of the EPS Essentials of Personalized Learning in the context of learning design, residencies include co-planning for teachers and building leadership, fishbowl experiences for teachers, coaches and admin, demo lessons, observation/feedback cycles, and coach support. Residencies are centered around learning design in the workshop, project/problem-based learning, EdTech, math in the workshop, and sheltered instruction in the workshop.



OneByOne provides teachers, coaches and administrators access to over 200 sessions on personalizing learning, equity, and technology. Sessions are aligned with EPS Essentials of Personalized Learning, and offer deeper learning on a range of topics, including project-based learning, learning design for personalizing in the workshop, sheltered instruction, educational technology, restorative practices, and more.


Curricular Resource Support

A range of training and deeper dives is scheduled to support teachers in using curricular resources to design learning experiences with and for students.


EPS New Educator Program

To support new teachers and principals in developing their practice, a New Educator Program is in place for the 2017-2018 school year. The program provides full release mentors for new teachers in partnership with the BEST mentoring grant. Mentors will work intensively with teachers to strengthen foundations of practice that are aligned with Evergreen’s philosophy of teaching and learning, as well as the EPS Essentials of Personalized Learning. A parallel path for new administrators will provide mentorship and coaching experiences in collaboration with the AWSP Mentor Academy. Mentors, selected from the Evergreen admin team represent elementary, middle and high school levels, will work intensively with principals in a range of areas including instructional leadership, transformational change, and resource management.


Learning Design Bootcamp

Bootcamps are designed to make time for teachers to plan instruction, supported by content and pedagogical specialists. Beginning in June, and scheduled for August, these full days provide educators with explicit time for long range unit planning and design using curricular resources and technology tools being provided by the district.


EPS Academy

To deepen understanding and refine practice around core areas of work, aligned with residencies and consistent with new curricular resources, Academies are planned two times in the 2017-2018 school year. Offered in October and November, EPS Academies will provide a range of topics and entry points for teachers to dig deeper into practice and use of resources. Each Academy will be structured around concurrent sessions, and will provide teachers with strategies for designing personalized learning experiences for students.


Learning Labs

Learning Labs are opportunities for small groups of teachers and administrators to observe the lab process, coaching, and instructional risk-taking happening live in a classroom. Labs will happen throughout the school year as opportunities to experience the work teachers and students are doing with PBL, Workshop, EPS Math, Sheltered Instruction, and Technology. Dates will be communicated as soon as residency schools have them identified.


Educator Development Series

This series of learning sessions is designed to follow the new teacher induction, and provides ongoing support for teachers in core learning areas, curricular resources, assessment, and learning design. This is learning at the strategy and practical application level, giving teachers hands-on learning with specialists in the field, to refine and grow their practice. This series supports the New Educator Program.


After-Hours Workshops

Ongoing courses are available after hours on topics ranging from ELL and sheltered instruction to technology and early literacy.


EPS EdCamps

These un-conference events will be held a number of times throughout the year personalized for teacher needs and interests. Designed purely for teachers and by teachers, EdCamps spread the conversation and allow practitioners to share ideas and work in an informal, collaborative experience.


Online EdTech Training

Professional development and training will be available virtually on a range of topics such as getting started with iReady, using Seesaw to promote 4Cs, and supporting math literacy with Dreambox.

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