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Shane Gardner Hired As School Safety And Security Manager

Shane Gardner Hired As School Safety And Security Manager

Shane Gardner Hired As School Safety And Security Manager

Tuesday, February 11, the Evergreen Public Schools Board of Directors approved the hiring of Shane Gardner as its new School Safety and Security Manager. Gardner is currently the Clark County Sheriff Department's Community Outreach Sergeant.

In approving the hiring, the Board and Superintendent John Deeder reaffirmed the need to ensure the safest learning environment for students in the state's fourth largest school district. "Shane brings us his expertise of his 16 years of law enforcement experience, along with an emphasis on community policing, outreach and restorative justice. This combination is a positive benefit of our nearly 27,000 students, 3,200 staff, plus the parents and community members of the district," said Deeder.

Gardner currently supervises Clark County Sheriff's Department School Resource Officers (SROs), and provides county-wide collaboration with all SROs through monthly meetings. Evergreen has SROs at its four comprehensive high schools (Clark County Sheriff and Vancouver Police Department officers), as well as security staff at high schools and middle schools. Gardner will oversee these staffs and provide a cohesive approach to school safety and security at all 37 Evergreen Public Schools.

In addition to his law enforcement experience, Gardner is also a graduate of Mountain View High School, and has two children enrolled in Evergreen Public Schools. He is expected to start in the position in early March.

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