Columbia Valley Elementary School

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Address: 17500 SE Sequoia Cir., Vancouver, WA 98683

School Hours: 9:20 am-3:50 pm

Wednesday School Hours: 9:20 am-1:35pm

Office Hours: 8:40 am-4:40 pm

Phone: (360) 604-3375

Fax: (360) 604-3377

Attendance Hotline: (360) 604-3378

Attendance Email:

Principal: Leah Torres

Associate Principal: Kiya Masunaga

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Columbia Valley Student Handbook

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Art Discovery

School Calendar

School News

Broadcast Club

Every Thursday from 3:55-5:00 in Portable 38. Pick up in West Parking Lot

Early Release Friday

December 14 @ 1:35

Year Book Cover Contest

Due Dec 14

December Newsletter

Winter Grams

Dec 10-14

Hello Harmony Families:   

Student Council is excited to announce that Winter Gram sales will take place again this year!  Students can buy a card and festive winter pencil for friends/family here at Harmony on Monday Dec. 10th –Friday Dec. 14th  for just 25¢. You need to write the classroom teacher of the person you are wanting to send a gram to and you must write who the gram is from, secret admirers will not be delivered.

Again this year, all Winter Grams will be PRE-SOLD.  This means that while students can buy Winter Grams during the 5 day window listed above, delivery of all grams will not take place until Thursday, DECEMBER 20th—no grams will be delivered until the pre-sale is complete.

We hope your child will participate in this Harmony tradition.  Money collected from Student Council fundraisers like this is put right back into our school community to purchase various materials, like playground equipment and PBIS acknowledgements.

Seat and Feets Drive

Dec 10-14

Husky Pups

Jan 9 & 23

Feb 6 & 20

Mar 13 & 27

Apr 10 & 17

December Lunch Menu


Jan 8 - 2nd Grade Screening

Jan 10 - 5th Grade Screening

Jan 22 - Post Excel Screening

Jan 29 - 4th Grade Testing

Feb 1 -1st and 3rd Grade Testing

Positive Parenting Class

Nov 7-Dec 19

Student Handbook

Human Growth and Development

Feb 5 & 6

Apr 17

2018-19 Calendar



Wednesday January 2 - Early releas day 9:10-1:35

Thursday & Friday January 3 & 4 - full days 9:10-3:50

Monday January 28 - full days 9:10-3:50

Monday March 18 - full days 9:10-3:50

Every Wednesday is Early Release at 1:35

School Supply Donation

Cinetopia Payback Coupon information

Apparel Information

The following is the apparel link:

Excel Scores

Scores will be available by MID-MARCH. Families will receive scores and a qualification letter by mail, not over the phone or electronically.

Ways to Help Harmony

Sunday Night Lights

Tutoring opportunity


Lunch Menus

Latest News

13501 NE 28th Street | P.O. Box 8910 | Vancouver, WA 98668

Phone (360) 604-4000 | Fax (360) 892-5307 | Office Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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