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8/29/2017 4:00 PM

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Important Message from the Principal

Author: SuperUser Account/Friday, November 04, 2016/Categories: Sifton News

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Dear Sifton Families,

 We have had a growing number of traffic issues in our parking lot both before and after school. 

Busses are a priority and must have access to the parking lot.  Please do not use the bus lane when busses are arriving or present, and do not cut them off.  Please keep in mind that allowing your child to take the bus if they are a bus rider will help to greatly reduce the amount of cars in our small, congested parking lot.  It also reduces the number of students rushing across the parking lot in an attempt not to be late, sometimes running in front of busses or between them. 

Mornings:  There are over 30 students on boundary exceptions that are transported to Sifton by their parents because bussing is not available to them.  If you choose to drop off your student, please drop off between 9:05-9:15 and be patient.  There are staff assisting kids out of cars and helping to move traffic along.  Do not rush in front of anyone, or encourage your child to run to class.  They must use the cross walk. 

Afternoons: DO NOT arrive to school early to park and wait for your child.  Students are not released from class until 3:50 on regular days, and 1:35 on early-dismissal days.  To help with the traffic, we’d like to ask you to please consider not arriving at Sifton until 4:00, or better yet,  allow your child to ride their assigned school bus home if you are not on a boundary exception.  If you must park, please find a parking spot.  Do not leave your car unattended in the drive-through lane, or block the bus entrance or bus exit.  Please be patient and drive slowly.  You may have to drive through the parking lot in the inside lane in order to allow buses in the lot.  Please remember that it is against the law to use your cell phone while driving.  This includes driving in the parking lot.  If you have a fender bender in the parking lot, it is traffic related and is a police issue, not a school issue.   

Lastly, students NEED to attend the entire school day. Please do not pick your child up early.  This is a huge disruption to the day for all students in the classroom.  In the rare event you need to do this, we understand, but it should be very rare.  Your children’s education is the most important thing to us and we value their safety and learning while in our hands!

Thank you for your help with these issues!


Mrs. Mitchell




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