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College, Career & Technical Education

What does it mean to be career and college ready?

To be career-ready, a person must first explore the various pathways connecting education to employment. Those various pathways may include Dual Credit, Running Start, Alternative Learning Experiences, Work-based Learning including internships, and Career and Technical Education. These programs provide students with an opportunity to become career and college ready.

A successful career in our ever-changing global marketplace requires adaptability and a commitment to lifelong learning, along with attainment of specific knowledge and skills. Evergreen School District’s College, Career and Technical Education programs assist students in navigating the various pathways that lead to a successful and rewarding career, while providing financial independence.

Core Beliefs


  • Professionals who are prepared, passionate, ethical, creative and globally competitive
  • Informed citizens who are committed and contribute to the community
  • Life-long learners whose knowledge and skills are relevant to move forward in the 21st century
  • Learners who collaborate and are team players to solve complex contemporary problems


Essential Elements in Every Student’s Successful Learning:



The mission of College, Career, and Technical Education Programs of the Evergreen Public Schools is to provide our students with competitive, rigorous, and professional skills and abilities to successfully pursue their future college and career aspirations.



Why are CCTE classes so valuable?

Student Insight

"I have learned real life lessons and ways my school work can be used in real life situations. CCTE classes are extremely important to help kids learn life lessons and how to better apply what they learn in life."

"If I ever decide to start a family, knowing the best nutrition information for my kids and how to keep them active, will be a head start on them having a healthy life.

"CCTE classes are important because it can help learning new things you never knew you were good at and it provides life skills you'll need in the future."




"I learned about team work and cooking. You're not only graded on tests."

"I learned actual everyday life skills that will continuously be used outside of the classroom and also some aspects of business and marketing."

"For people who want to make it their career, they get experience and it's an advantage for their future."

"CCTE classes help you get into the habit of doing things that are good for you."

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CTE Logo: Learning that works for Washington

Career and Technical Education is an innovator and leader in education in Washington, offering courses of study to ensure students explore, compete, and succeed as lifelong learners in the world of work. 

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