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Attendance & The BECCA Bill

The staff and teachers at Illahee Elementary want to see your child/children in school and will work with you to resolve attendance issues in accordance with the BECCA Bill.

Follow the link below for tips on how to Build the Habit of Good Attendance:

What is the purpose of the BECCA Bill?

Attendance is important for academic success, and unexcused absences may be an early warning sign for unaddressed problems with school and future dropout.  When a student fails to attend school, they are considered truant.

Washington's truancy law (BECCA Bill) is intended to stop truancy and bad attendance patterns before they become a problem.  The law requires parents to ensure their child/children are attending school.  If a student does not attend school, the law requires school districts to take action.

When do absences become a problem?

18 or more days absent = chronically absent

10-17 days absent = warning signs

0-9 days absent = satisfactory

*These numbers assume a 180-day school year.

What is the role of the school and parents in the BECCA Bill?

  • Parents are responsible for getting their child/children to school every day.
  •  After one unexcused absence, the school is required to inform the parent in writing or by phone.
  • After two unexcused absences, the school will initiate a parent conference to improve the student's attendance.
  • The school, along with the parent, will take steps to eliminate or reduce the absences.
  • After five unexcused absences, the parent and school must enter into contract to improve the student's attendance.      
  • After five unexcused absence in a month or the tenth unexcused absence in a year, the district must file a truancy petition with the juvenile court.  


For more information regarding the attendance policy at Illahee, please consult the Parent-Student Handbook.

For more information on the BECCA Bill follow the links below:


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