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Harmony Elementary

Capital Renewal:

Apply masonry sealer and exterior paint to preserve envelope integrity

Repaint interior classroom walls

Install new carpet throughout

Retro-commission HVAC system

Upgrade clocks to atomic style  

Replace aging food service equipment

Replace bathroom partitions  


Building Improvements:

Extend parking lot between Harmony and Pacific (near trash compactor)

Status: In Progress

Add a second water bottle filling station

New CR furniture (including 50% portable CRs and Media)

Add voice amplification sound system in classrooms

Replace phone system  

Improve gym/multipurpose sound system




Motion sensor lights to portables

Add surveillance system (main entrance, parking lot, play fields, main office only)

Create a more secure (but welcoming) main entrance

Replace exterior lighting with LED's for efficiency and safety


13501 NE 28th Street | P.O. Box 8910 | Vancouver, WA 98668

Phone (360) 604-4000 | Fax (360) 892-5307 | Office Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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