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Medication at School

Evergreen Public Schools No. 114 is authorized by RCW 28A.210.260 and 270 to administer allowable medication during school hours and with proper authorization. Allowable medication is defined as all drugs, prescription AND over-the-counter. Medications such as suppositories, injections other than emergency, and medications inhaled through the nose are not allowed. All medication needing to be dispensed before and/or after school is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

To request the school to administer medication, the health care provider and parent or guardian must complete and sign the attached Authorization for Administration of Medication at School form. Requests for the administration of medication are valid only for the medications listed, the dates indicated, and for a maximum of one year, but never past the end of the current school year. The instructions on the prescription bottle must match those on the authorization form. Medication must be transported by parent or guardian and supplied to the school in the properly labeled original container(s). It is against district policy and drug free schools for a student to transport medication to and from school.

We recognize that some students, with the permission of the health care provider, parent or guardian and school nurse, may need to carry and/or self-administer their authorized medication during school hours. A backup supply of the same medication provided by the parent and stored in the locked medication cabinet is recommended. Any elementary student who needs to carry and/or self-administer medication during school hours must have an EXCEPTION FORM on file, in addition to the standard Authorization for Administration of Medication at School form. Medication considered to be controlled substances under federal law may not be carried and self-administered by a student under any circumstances.

Authorization for Administration of Medication at School Form

Elementary School Medication Exception Form


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