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Thursday, August 13, 2020

College, Career & Technical Education - Career Connected Learning

Exploring careers is what CTE is all about. It's a way for students to look inside industries they may have already considered, or perhaps never heard of, and to become aware of industries in our region that are in need of a competent, prepared workforce. Within each career cluster of CTE, there are opportunities to experience and participate in the real-world, day-to-day operations. This enhances students' abilities to learn, and their overall educational experience. For business partners there is great return on investment through having direct participation with, and influence upon the emerging workforce.

These are ways our students experience Career Connected Learning:

Guest Speakers Job Shadows Informational Interviews Service Learning Project Based Learning Worksite Learning

Instructional Worksite Learning

Cooperative Worksite Learning

Supported Employment

Would you consider being a Guest Speaker in a classroom? Maybe you would like to be the subject of Informational Interviews. Your business or organization might be an appropriate place for CTE students to explore their futures! Please submit your interest in this form.

Students, ask about CTE at your school's Career Center!

Guest Speakers

People with expertise in a particular industry come into to the classroom and showcase their industry and/or worksite. They are usually scheduled based on a particular interest or unit of instruction unique to their industry. They may showcase the skills needed to be successful in their industry along with necessary employability skills, share information about the particulars of their profession, answer questions, and act as a resource for students interested in pursuing a similar occupation.

Job Shadow

A job shadow is a career exploration activity in which a student follows an employee for one or more days to learn about a particular occupation or industry. Job shadowing can help a student explore a range of career opportunities to assist in developing your high school and beyond plan. Classroom exercises conducted prior to and following the job shadow help connect the experience to coursework, career interest, related skills requirements, and future educational options.

Informational Interviews

Informational interviews allow students to explore a particular occupation and gather information about the necessary preparation, required knowledge, and other interesting facts about a career. During the interview, a business person provides a glimpse of what the career is like, the necessary training, and workplace requirements. The student is prepared with a set of questions.

Service Learning

Through collaboration with a local business, government agency, or nonprofit, a student can be involved in a Service Learning project that has real-worl application, ans would be tied to learning objectives.

Project-Based Learning

Through a partnership with a business or organization, a project would be assigned to the student that is designed around career and educational interests and goals. A project mentor guides the student through the steps to analyze and solve the problem, production of a model or product, and development of a presentation to deliver to an audience.

Worksite Learning

Worksite Learning provides the opportunity to learn in a qualified workplace, while applying skills and knowledge obtained in classroom study, and fulfilling a student's career and educational plan. All Worksite Learning is categorized as either "instrucitonal" or "cooperative". Other terms used by some industries may include internship, clinical experience, youth or pre-apprenticeship.

Instructional Worksite Learning

Instructional Worksite Learning is an experience that takes place in the community (or school, if the experience is comparable to that in a community setting) as an embedded part of a specific course content where the student performs tasks in order to gain desired skills, competencies, qualifications, or industry certifications through direct instruction. The student is typically not paid for the work, but there are exceptions. Click here for Worksite Learning Frequently Asked Questions.

Cooperative Worksite Learning

Cooperative Worksite Learning is a learning experience where students practice the skills and knowledge learned in the classroom, and there is an employer/employee relationthip. Typically, this is a part-time job that allows the student to gain skills, competencies, or qualifications that relate to the student's pathway of study.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment is a form of Worksite Learning for students who need focused time and attention. It requires onsite supervision by trained personnel or employees of the business who receive training and support from school personnel.




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