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Leveraging Technology to Personalize Learning

A key component of Evergreen’s focus on personalization is ensuring that our schools, students, and staff have equitable access to technology - including devices, software, and infrastructure - which supports Essentials of Personalized teaching and learning. With greater access to technology also comes the need for educators and parents to work together to help students understand how the digital world works.

Device Distribution Complete

All K-2nd students have 2:1 in-classroom devices, all 3rd-5th students have 1:1 in-class devices, and all 6th-12th students now have 1:1 take-home devices available to use for learning. Devices have been selected for their ability to support students in all aspects of digital resource use, including digital inking.


Elementary Parents:
Log into Family Access/Skyward to complete the Student Acceptable Use Agreement only. If you don't have access, contact your school's main office. Not required if already completed for the 2017/18 school year.

Middle and High School Parents:
Log into Family Access/Skyward to complete the Student Device Issuance Program Form and Student Acceptable Use Agreement. If you don't have access, contact your school's main office.

Skyward Online Forms

Internet Safety & Digital Citizenship

Online Safety

Why does cyberspace matter to parents and children?
At Evergreen Public Schools, we want students to feel safe in cyberspace. We want our students to be equipped with the necessary tools to navigate powerful technology. In order for our students to make good choices, they have to learn how the digital world operates. Students are exposed to making choices that are greater than their maturity level. The technology available to students can be a great resource and also have a harmful effect on them at the same time. Knowing "Digital Ethics" could be the difference between an enjoyable experience or a harmful one while surfing the web.

Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is defined as the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use. By embracing technology and to explore its various forms, students have a responsibility to model proper digital etiquette in using technology. Navigating the web intelligently and making appropriate decisions when using technology is an example of a good digital citizen. We want our children and students to carefully navigate the web while adhering to protocols that are symbolic of good digital citizenship.

District Resources to Keep Students Safe on the Internet

Additional Internet Safety, Digital Citizenship, and Media Literacy Resources

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