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“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.”  

John Dewey

In Evergreen Public Schools, we strive to ensure all students are prepared for personal success, from Kindergarten through graduation, ready for their choice of career and/or post-secondary education, committed to contribute to the common good, and motivated to continue the pursuit of knowledge throughout their lives.  

Today’s Kindergartners will view the iPad similar to how Baby Boomers remember black and white TV.  When I was in high school, I remember hearing estimates that the amount of information available in the world would double within 14 years.  Recent estimates now measure this in months.  Due to the acceleration of technology, economists are projecting that two-thirds of the careers available to today’s students over their work history will be based on this new information and many of their future jobs do not yet exist.  To prepare our students for this future, we must ensure they learn how to absorb and adapt rather than focus on memorizing facts.

Evergreen has a long history of workshop instruction which means students are active participants in learning.  In our classrooms, teachers act as a guide on the side rather than a sage on the stage.  As with the James Dyson’s 5,127 prototypes of the vortex vacuum cleaner development that took five years, we believe that true innovation, excellence, and deep understanding result from discovery, perseverance, productive struggle, and reflection.  Our vision of personalized student learning is defined by the pillars of equity, universal access, communication, collaboration, critical and creative thinking, flexible learning environments, measures of individual proficiency, and connection to community and cultural resources.

Nearly half of Evergreen’s 26,400 students qualify for the Free & Reduced Lunch program and annually over 1,000 are in transition or homeless.  Since instructional time accounts for about 17% of a child’s waking hours each year, Evergreen works to impact the child’s whole life.  Our ongoing emphasis on equity is constantly exploring ways to provide basic physical needs (food, clothing, shelter), create a safe environment, and honor and include our students’ many cultures.  We believe that unless needs of their body and heart are satisfied, children are unable to energize their minds for learning.  

To meet this challenge, Evergreen is fortunate to have an outstanding staff who understand and embody the belief in life-long learning.  Our teachers regularly participate in instructional coaching and collaboration teams to learn, share, and diffuse innovation all for students’ benefit.  Starting with the School Board and myself to the school office, classroom, cafeteria, bus and playing field, above all else, we all care about every student, their present and their future.

Dr. John Steach

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Dr. John Steach

Photo of Superintendent John SteachDr. John Steach joined Evergreen in 2014 as Deputy Superintendent, and then took over as Superintendent in August 2017.  Previously, he served as the Superintendent of the Canby (OR) School District. Initially beginning his career as an engineer with a degree in Chemical Engineering from Washington State University, his passion for education soon eclipsed his interest in engineering after serving as a Richland (WA) School District Board member, then moving to the become the district’s Executive Director of Support Services and Deputy Superintendent/Executive Director of Human Resources. He continued his education by adding an MBA and an EdD in Education Leadership from WSU.

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What Were They Thinking?

Did you ever wonder what we consider with weather closure decisions?  We start with trying to determine what the weather will bring.

Re-linking Washington's Graduation Requirements

It is my belief that to graduate from high school a student should no longer be required to pass a series of tests, and if they fail one, could be blocked from an on-time graduation.  Rather, students should be evaluated upon the credits they earn combined with competency completion and aligned with a post-high school plan.

How Students View Relationships

In my last blog, I shared with you how teachers view their relationships with students.  From 2017 to 2018 Panorama surveys, it was one of the areas with the biggest drop- from 71% to 63% favorable.  However, our students’ view of this relationship during the same time period is moving in a very different direction.

Our Changing Landscape

Our goal with Panorama is to improve self-awareness and support continuous improvement. While the Panorama survey topic areas shared last month generate overview information and national comparisons, specific questions can provide insight into what is changing or needs to change.  Comparing our first two years of teacher survey data, we can see what Evergreen teachers feel is changing the most.

We asked. You replied. We listened. Let’s share.

Two years ago, Evergreen started using Panorama surveys with staff, students and parents.  Since then, some school staff, administrators and now the Board are using results to help chart our course. 

Teacher Appreciation Week

Each year when teacher appreciation week arrives, it brings back a flood of memories that revolved around outstanding teachers and how they influenced my life.

Washington School Education Support Professionals Appreciation Week

Each day, our Classified Employees go high above and far beyond performing their jobs as they create a quality learning environment for our students.  

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